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One of the most anticipated events especially for freshmen students and the pioneering grade 11 students was the Acquaintance Party. Last July 15, 2016 at the Function Hall of the newly contructed Archbishop Jose Palma Building, Grade 11 students gathered together with their respective animators to start a bond with one another. It was a “Coachella-Bohemian themed” where the senior high students flaunt their outfits. Sperry Mendez , Grade 11 of St. Louis De Montfort community and Lyssa Felisilda of St. Joseph Khang hosted the said event, it started with a prayer and the singing of the National Anthem. Ms. Letitia Luce S. Florido, Vice Principal for Senior High School, delivered her opening remarks and highlighted the importance of the experience and meeting new friends and acquaintances during the event. Subsequently, the yell chanting in each community proceeded. Each section showcased their talents through a prepared presentation. The students displayed their ability to work well with others and co-teammates engaging in the games.

On the 25th of July 2016, the grade 7 students took a chance on getting to know with each other. Vishnu F. Satorre and Alexia Barde were the hosts of the event. The students were required to wear something red. Every community performed two presentations, a dance and a song presentation. They participated on different games which draw them closer.  It was a refreshing start for both grade 7 and Grade 11 students.  The said  event ended successfully.