Basic Education

Institutional Goals

St. Catherine’s College commits itself to provide a curriculum that will lead to the total formation of Filipino learners through the inspiration of St. Dominic de Guzman’s charisma and ideals of Truth, Compassion, and Justice. Committed to provide functional basic education that will serve as foundation for further learning, St. Catherine’s College aims to:

  1. develop psychomotor coordination and sensory perception skills;
  2. develop oral and written communication skills to express ideas clearly and enhance the linguistic capabilities;
  3. enhance the ability to make independent decision through the development of problem-solving skills;
  4. promote ecological concern and the conservation of all forms of life;
  5. become academically competent through a curriculum that develops analytical, scientific, technological/ vocational skills that will prepare them for the realities of life;
  6. strengthen the ability to acquire information, formulate alternatives and evaluate results;
  7. integrate the Dominican charisma of Truth, Justice and Compassion in exploring the possibilities for self-realization; and
  8. promote the ideals of sharing the fruits of contemplation through participation in socio-civic activities.



The Elementary Department has been in existence for almost one hundred years now. It caters to children from pre-school to grade school. Now forming part of the Basic Education Department of the College, the elementary level starts from the first two years of pre-school – Kindergarten and Preparatory – and six years of elementary education.


The Junior High School (JHS) comprises of Grades 7 to 10 of the SCC Basic Education Department.  In Junior High School, the young man discovers himself, hones his talents and abilities and develops his leadership skills.  As he matures in faith, he grows in understanding that   he   is   part of a larger community called to deepen his love for country and to contribute as a steward of God’s creation.



Senior High School (Grades 11 and 12) at St. Catherine’s College will give you a premier high school experience within a College setting.

  • Access the knowledge resources and state-of-the-art laboratories and facilities.
  • Be mentored by topnotch professors and industry experts who will prepare you for the rigors and discipline of college/university life.
  • Be part of exciting research projects that will challenge you to create solutions to real-life problems.
  • Enjoy a dynamic campus life through interactive classes, sports and clubs, academic support, and community engagement.
  • Discover a learner-centered environment that will help you become well-rounded leaders and achievers.
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