School Seal

The seal of St. Catherine’s College bears the symbol of the Patron Saint, the spiked wheel and the symbol of Saint Dominic, the cross and the star. The wheel and the laurel articulate perseverance for the course of education onward to its goal— the integrated development of what is divine and human in every person.  The cross symbolizes the Dominican philosophy of education and the star articulates the light of wisdom by which the school is guided as it opens its door of knowledge to many Catherinians. The Latin terms LAUDARE, PRAEDICARE and BENEDICERE (to praise, to preach, and to bless or to forgive) speak of the inspiration by which the Dominican sisters are urged to realize their mission. VERITAS ET EXCELSIOR, as its motto, epitomizes the existence of St. Catherine’s through the years. As a member of the Dominican family, the Catherinian lives by the ideal of truth (Veritas). Excelsior expresses the same ideal as ever upward, ever higher for excellence—an education steadily going upstream to respond more fully to the needs of the person and the society he lives in. The laurel in the St. Catherine’s College seal is in green, symbolizing life and the continuous quest for knowledge and excellence. The black stands for discipline and dedication, making a Catherinian a steward of creation and an adherent of values relevant to building a truly independent Filipino society.

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